Sunday, 19 September 2010

Update and September Stars

Long time no post!

In the intervening period I have been busy though...  I have found new ways to use my images as brooches and cushion covers to tie together my photography and sewing strands of life:

This one can be found over at folksy here

The brooches can also be bought from folksy, here where there are four designs available, or over at the main site where they can be made to order using any image from the site.  Both will set you back a mere £4.50 including P&P.

I have also joined the September Stars listing clubs both under eklectikfish (sewing) and flemyngdesign.  To the latter I have mostly been adding blank greetings cards, such as the carousel which seems to be proving quite popular, along with some Christmas card packs:

My fellow September Stars have also been busy!  Here is a selection of favourites:

Vintage cushions by Audrey's Cat

Flower earrings by Squintessential

Happy days!

Katie x


  1. What a fantastic Blog! I love the hat by NofkantsCurios and the retro cushions. Such wonderful colours.

    Thank you so much for featuring my Apatite Pendant. It looks so much better in life than my camera could capture.

    I love your photgraphy - especially the frosted leaves.

    Jacqueline x

  2. Thank you so much for including my latest hat, my little girl will be so pleased to have been a featured model!

    Love Jacqueline's pendant, Apatite is an amazing gemstone. Love Hannah#s flower earrings too, they would go very nicely with my hat!

    Natalie x

  3. Thanks so much for including my card in your lovely blog! I love what you've done with your carousel picture on the cushion. And Audrey's Cat's cushions are fantastic!


  4. Oooh some lovely items here! And yes my earrings would definitely go with Natalie's hat!

    Thanks very much for featuring them! I think your sheep are stunning.


  5. Thank you for featuring my Bot across to have a nosey when saw blog link (I love blog hopping) and wow saw my notebook...Thank you.
    Love how you have linked your two hobbies. Great work :)

  6. fabulous collection of listings, and you know I *love* the carousel card! Tracey x

  7. Fab photos and great picks from other stars too. I love Jacqueline's pendant and the Lorna's Bot notebook