Tuesday, 3 August 2010

First giveaway!

Yay now I'm up to 10 lovely followers its time for  a wee giveaway me thinks!  I have also to celebrate the fact that I will shortly be joining the gang at From the Wilde so hopefully things will be moving to a whole new level!

So here's the deal:

Visit www.flemyngdesign.co.uk, have a good look around and then leave a comment below stating which image is your favourite and something interesting about yourself - if you are on Twitter you get an extra entry for tweeting about it too (just make sure you include your favourite image and @kateepie so I know you have done so).  The winner will be chosen randomly (drawn out of a hat) on Friday 6 August at 3pm GMT and will receive an 8x8 inch print of their favourite image.

Good luck!


  1. Hey!

    I tweeted about following you but I thought you meant on twitter (sorry) but I will tweet to help get you some followers here too!

    I love the 'Bridging the Gap' print. I was drawn to it straightaway.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed, for myself to win of course! Haha

    Thank you for the giveaway :D


  2. hello... I have just read your tweet and enjoyed seeing your photography very much. I do like the cow parsley.... I like the wayside plants & flowers. Thank you for this giveaway and I am sure who ever wins will really enjoy their print!

    best wishes Cathy

  3. A bit more difficult that I thought! I think one of my favourites is the Water Lily.. they are just so clean and beautiful and so peaceful regardless of whatever is around that they always manage to get my attention.

    The best of luck!

  4. eryngium with bee is loverly, my little girl loves bees and often tries to chase them. i'm sure shed stoke them given half a chance! the only thing of interest about me is that i'm an anatomist! (hence the skeleton sewing in my piccy!) i'll tweet too (neutronel there). hope you have lots more loverly followers soon. x

  5. Hello Katie,

    My favourite is allium
    because it is different to the standard shot you see that are of 'perfect' Chelsea Garden Show flowers;
    The cobweb really makes me love this photo.

    I love randomness and imperfection;
    I always say I don't have any faults or flaws,
    I only have quirks and foibles

    aka @bofferminx

    (sorry for the anon bit couldn't figure it out lol_

  6. Hi, I followed a bit later than I had intended, sorry!
    Your pictures are beautiful. My favourite is Daisy from Below.
    Daisies are my favourite flowers and I love looking at things from a new perspective.
    Claire aka @badschnoodles

  7. Hi Katie

    I love your Cow Parsley print - it's gorgeous!! I am a Geordie living in Lancashire, wife, mum of 4 and studying Interior Design. Also having a bash at a home business!! Good luck with your beautiful site!
    Steph xx

  8. Hi Katie!

    Welcome to blogland! I love your lavender haze but I think my fave is eryngium with bee. Have been watching bees buzzing around my lavender bush all week.

    Have tweeted you also. Great Giveaway!

    Nerys x

  9. Ooh - Just in time. My favourite is Daisy from below. Your site is lovely X

    Following you on Twitter and now your blog too! Great giveaway x

  10. Sorry, forgot the interesting thing...I spent 20 years working in the dark! :)

    Giveaway on my blog too! Make sure you enter x


  11. hello!
    snail and fern forest are my favourites . interesting about me ahem. ~ well i just started twittering today ~ does that count?
    warmest wishes
    ginny x